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  • Excuseme

    Why I can´t watch a movie, as soon as i select one it vanishes

  • Helpful Hannah

    Make sure your wifi connection is good or else that may happen. If that didn’t help then there may be a problem with your pc.

    • steve

      thank you for this site!

  • jackson

    i am trying to find the movies there is 3 of them it is where there is like big worms under gound in the movies does any body know what im talking about

    • ethan kennett

      yeah man, I’m pretty sure the movies your looking for is tremors

  • Myles Barqz

    how to download movies from this site?

    • Lilia

      This site is for streaming not downloading, if you want to download just go to torrent websites.

  • Nhessa Perez

    how top make the screen full size

  • Steve Lowery

    You don’t have tv shows I thought this was where moved too?

  • rudewitchalert68

    “mother’s day” and “dodsworth” movies are not working. great website i love it. can ya’ll add some more westerns and a “classic” genre. awesome website.

  • rudewitchalert68

    could ya’ll add “jonah hex’? “legend of boggy creek”? thank you

  • rudewitchalert68

    “it’s a wonderful life” has stopped working.

    • rudewitchalert68

      still not working

  • rudewitchalert68

    thank ya’ll for fixing the movies

  • rudewitchalert68

    new movies “trolls” and ” bridget jones” not working

  • rudewitchalert68

    THANK YOU for fixing the movies.

  • rudewitchalert68


  • thejman8695

    Dr. Strange isn’t working

  • Hugh Mungus

    Add Hacksaw Ridge plz <3

  • A.

    Could you guys add Runnin’ Down A Dream? It’d be really appreciated, can’t find it anywhere.

  • rudewitchalert68

    “it’s a wonderful life” is broken. could ya’ll add “jonah hex” please. “grown ups” awesome site thank you!!

  • rudewitchalert68

    the movies aren’t getting fixed? “it’s a wonderful life” and “dr. strange.” still looking for “jonah hex” it is an awesome movie.

  • Morgan Allen

    please add the hitcher (1986) please!

    • Mark Alan Goodwin

      i will get on it for you

      • Lacey Jo

        Hi, can you please fix “The Shallows ” movie? It isn’t working. Please and thank you!

  • nothingtotalkabout

    Zoom (2006 film) and also, as mentioned, The Hitcher (1986 film)

  • rudewitchalert68

    i understand about jonah hex now nevermind but why isn’t “it’s a wonderful life” fixed yet? is it the same situation?

  • rudewitchalert68

    please add “Savannah smiles” 1982.

  • rudewitchalert68

    ” the bind side” with Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw is not the “the blind side.”

  • Kristin

    Hello, Are there any subtitles for “Ramen Girl?” If so, I appreciate if someone could instruct me how to do so. Also Spider Man 3 is not working. Thank You!

  • Jaayne

    pleaseee…pleaseee!! add the movie Fallen(2016) PLEASE!!! i beg you….

  • Amy

    can you please fix bad moms

  • Kristin

    “Loving” does not work, thank you.

  • rudewitchalert68

    all the new movies added, last two batches, aren’t working.

  • rudewitchalert68

    “it’s a wonderful life” still not working.

  • Kristin

    It seems every time you add new movies, they never work? I was letting “HELP” know, so this problem may be addressed for the future. Thank You.

  • tony

    cant hear the movie harry potter the deadly hallows 2

  • rei

    Fallen (2016)

  • Lacey

    Can you please fix Suicide Squad. I keep getting a loading error message. Thanks

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    Wreck it Ralph is not working please check up on it when possible. thanks -G

  • Emily McCullough

    “The night before” is broken

  • moviefan69

    please add middle school worst years of my life

  • Lacey

    Please fix Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
    Getting error message. Thanks!

  • Lacey

    Please fix Moana. Says error loading. Thanks!

  • Ana Erika Espindola

    Nothing i select will plays, It used to work fine. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Shay

    I’ve been trying to play Almost Christmas for about 2 weeks now. Would you please help? I enjoy this site so hopefully it’s back working properly soon. Thank you.

  • Antony Derek

    think like a man too aint workin plz fix it….thank u!

  • rudewitchalert68

    none of the movies work for me anymore

  • Lacey

    Taxi Driver not working. Please fix, thanks 😚

  • Shay

    Is there something wrong with the site? None of the movies play

  • Lacey

    Ice Age: Collision Course is not working. Please fix. Thanks!

  • anonimus

    fix moana

  • Robin

    Doctor Strange is not working 🙁

  • anonimus

    fix moana pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

  • Lacey

    Please fix Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks!

  • Ger Flynn

    autopsy of jane doe not working

  • rudewitchalert68

    none of the movies work what’s up?

  • Lacey

    None of the Harry Potters are working.

  • Hello

    Fix White House down and Olympus has fallen

  • rudewitchalert68

    what is up with ya’ll’s movies not working?

  • Stan Burridge

    please can you add ‘I Danial Blake’

  • Joanna

    Can you add the bounty hunter on and some of the movies aren’t working

  • That One White Dude

    Can you please add the new movie Passengers. Went to see it and I loved it. Also can you fix all the movies? Nice site thanks.

  • Lacey

    Moana sound not working. Please fix. Thanks!

  • Jumah

    Me myself and Irene isn’t working

  • Stephanie McCarthy

    13 Hours isn’t working. Please fix, thanks!

  • Mike S

    A few days ago Passenger (2016) and Assassin’s Creed were both on here. Then I had to reset my Win10 laptop to a restore point and now none of the 8 or 9 new movies added within the last 5 days are showing in the list. What’s up with that?

  • Julie

    Most movies movies are not working. I thought it might have been just yesterday but its happening today as well. Please help

  • julie

    these are all broken plus too many to list. Please fix Thank You
    walk to invisible, equity, nocturnal animals, trespass against us
    Green is gold, Sick love, Southside with you

  • Cat Harman

    i can’t get any movies to load

  • Rachel

    Mine and all my friends are using putlocker on our laptops and NONE of the movies are loading whatsoever! PLEASE HELP!

  • Stan Burridge

    for the first time nothing is playing, i am hoping that it is a minor glitch..this has been the best site out there for a while… anyone got any news?

    • Ben Scott

      same for me stan. it was so good while it lasted…

  • Stan Burridge

    there isn’t anyone to contact to ask either.. will just have to keep watch as see where is goes

  • Mark Alan Goodwin

    hi can i help anyone

    • Tushar

      Make back to the future 2 work please

  • Umair

    This was such a good site. I just want a site that I can rely on all the time. Every time I get used to one, something goes wrong. Please please please fix this if you can. If you can’t, I’m just going to stop trying. Plus, does anyone from HELP actually reply or read these comments? Because I’ve read so many about people having the same problem for a long time and I wonder if anyone even cares and/or is trying to do something about it. 🙁

  • Taylor

    8 mile has stooped working

  • RH

    None of the movies are working anymore

  • the movie whatcher

    ahh moanas not working plese fix masis is anoying me!!!

  • pooPooPottyFace

    Max Steel not working can you please fix

  • ray

    lowkey think the site got shut down by the cops, like the movies got shut down.

  • Michelle Bressette Lmt

    Yea, nothing seems to be working. [where’s my towel?]

  • George

    Need help,why am I not able to view any movie?it keeps saying this file cannot be ?whatever.

  • george

    Error loading media,file cannot be played

  • Hi how are ya

    Please add Why Him (with james Franco). It would be really appreciated. Thanks guys

  • Joanna

    This site was good but now it is really starting to irritate me because none of the movies I want to watch and in general other ones that I don’t, aren’t even working, you’re not even adding anything on. JUST FIX IT

  • Tami Polland

    none of the movies will load

  • Kristin

    (This has worked for me EVERY time)
    When you choose a movie, click the Play button in the middle of the screen BEFORE it says “Media Cannot Be Played” The screen should go black. Then for good measure I click the play button at the bottom left. It has worked EVERY time I tried it. ALSO older movies have a better chance of always working. I am also on Internet Explorer.
    This is a great site and is just experiencing difficulties at the moment.
    Hope This Helps! 🙂

    • matthew


    • andy

      total rubbish,,everything worked,every film,,,worked for me,,till I just tried what shes just said,,,,its stops every film now from working!!.scammer,troublemaker

  • Kay

    hey, it wont let me go full screen on my laptop please fix it

  • angela watson

    Please add You’re so Cupid!

  • RH

    Harry Potter movies not loading

  • Mike S

    Why do almost all the movies play fine if I turn on my laptop and start a movie and then don’t touch anything, but as soon as I rewind or fast forward the video or change it from 480 to 720 or close the browser and try to reopen the movie it just displays the spinning icon. 98% of the time! What is it about this site (and many others) that allows the video to play at first but then adds cookies or something that seem to stop the videos from playing again?

  • RH

    Harry Potter and the half blood prince not working


    I can’t get movies like “the Quiet American” and “Solaris to Stream”

    What’s wrong?

  • Edward Itle

    Download and play movies

  • Betty Stufflebeam

    Why just now are movies unable to be streamed?

  • syndicate pryme

    there are a number of us, who?; for some odd reason, can get into your website, but cannot!; play your movies….. none of them!…. we don’t have any ad block software going, and our browsers, are up to date, but we still can’t look at your movies….. can you find out what’s going on at your end, so we can view them over on your site?….. thank you…..


    p.s.: the movies can be viewed on phone, and or tablet, just not from a desktop, and or laptop………

  • Rachel

    Please add Romeo and Juliet. The one with Leonardo DeCaprio

  • Alyssa

    Would it be possible to add subtitles to Howl’s Moving Castle?

  • angela watson


  • tonionna

    can you add the newest movies on here

  • Destiny Michelle Argüello-Bake

    where is the rest of the Anne of Green Gables film? it cuts off at the intermission. please include a part 2 .